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تم نشره في 2021/01/ 5
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Directed By : Manish Rastogi & Rahul Sharma
Actor's : Simran Verma
Concept By : Ayan (Funky Joker)
Editor : Dev Sharma
DOP : Naveen


  • First of all jb period hote h na to stain aage lgta h zip ke pass na ki piche hips ke pass coz samsj jaao sb scripted h yeah or yeah prank unknown ke sath krte h to phele btate h unko ki yeah yeah krna h or fir. Prank krte h

  • Achhi lagti h to srf ek cheez chik chik boom 🔥

  • Bakwas prank ban kar dena chahiye ap ka channel

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  • Simran ,This is GOD gift , I love for your bravness to handle situation.

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  • She is so cute

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  • एक बात आप न गोर करी के सिमरन कि हाइट 2 फूट ह और गांड़ 10 फूट की बना रा कि है

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  • Simran and rits dhwan you both are very good girls I love you both dear I like the way that you help the people 🇵🇰🇵🇰🌷🌷💐💐💕💕

  • Kon kon chutia isko real smj rha h 😂

  • Simran mam i love you

  • साथ में बना वीडियो सेटिंग्स के साथ वीडियो

  • Very good job 👍

  • U have become immensely beautiful than before

  • NYC simran

  • Simran the decision u took is commendable. It was an embarrassing moment for the other girl but u made her so comfortable. U r too good.

  • Sab scripted hai. Bhai sab logonka chutiya kaatraha hai.

  • Script

  • बों ना, गटिया देखते हैं,ना दोस्तों एक ही

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  • चिक चिक बूम... छुटकी दीदी सिमरन डेली जिम (JIM ) जाया करो, मोटी नहीं होना OK - एडवाइस :- सिमरन FAN CLUB 👍🙏👌🇮🇳

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  • Wow, great!!!!!, millions and millions of the people outside India has so much respect to the India as the land of Budha, love, kind and compassion,, so, this is it!!!! Every happiness in this world is because of the others kindness!!!!!! Kindness is true Indian long, long tradition, the land of Budha, love, kindness and compassion of India is the greatness of India, which whole the world failed!!!!!!! Thank you, you are great!!!!!!!

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  • सिमरन वर्मा आप आधे से ज्यादा फेक वीडियो बनाते हो ओके

  • Dear friends pls unlike her videos this is totally scripted pls don’t take me wrong just sit and will have your answer

  • Simran, with due respect how worst you behave and you are ready to foolish people and your fans for the sake for name and tell he how coma any lady don’t notice that she have a period problem on this condition as shown in this video you are a very big gold digger everything is scripted

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  • Simran, Who the hell you think you're? Who wants to follow you in Instagram? You are a very bad prank star, I have ever seen..

  • Nahin bhai hum to chutiya hai

  • मैं बहुत गरीब घर से हूं पैसे की सख्त जरूरत पड़ रही है बूढ़े मां बाप है मेरे पास इंटरनेट के लिए तक पैसे नहीं है कृपया मेरी वीडियो कमेटी टाइप पर लगा दीजिए👍

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